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It is an undoubted fact that the recent economic backlash caused by the greatest depression that the world has ever known has virtually hit almost every family in the world. Almost all families belonging to the working class in several countries around the world have had to learn to live with lesser and lesser of their income. This is because they do not know of what the future holds for their employment or when the next retrenchment is going to hit their breadwinners. It is true however, that at Phuzemthonjeni, many have found work at home jobs or vacancies and career jobs that have helped them to weather the storms of these uncertain economic times.

It is also a fact that most students graduating from universities and colleges around the world are finding a historically difficult time in landing jobs in their areas of specialization. Looking for jobs today has become a real job or career in itself and the only problem is that it does not pay as much and causes a lot of stress and misery. Many of these students did not think of ever having to deal with these kinds of harsh realities especially given the fact that college education is perceived to improve one's life by opening golden doors to success. The good news is that at Phuzemthonjeni, many of these jobless students have been able to land themselves real jobs and learnerships that provide a decent and steady income to get on their feet as they develop their career prospects. Read more...


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    • Description: Supply and delivery of Traffic Cones for EMPD as per specifications.
    • Closes:24 APRIL 2014
    Yesterday, 09:07
    • Description: Supply and delivery of Riots Shield for EMPD as per specifications.
    • Closes:24 APRIL 2014
    Yesterday, 09:07
    • Description: Supply and delivery of Furniture for Standby Facilities as per specifications
    • Closes:24 APRIL 2014
    Yesterday, 09:06

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It is an undoubted fact that the recent... More
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